Relaxing Weekend!

Hi all!

A quick little post written from the warmth of my bed at 11:20pm on a Saturday night.

Yes, 24yrs  old and in bed before midnight on a Saturday! ……And boy do I love it!! 😉

Now don’t get me wrong. I also love socialising, partying, going out, doing the “being young” thing. There is no denying that.

But not every weekend. Last year, most definitely. But I feel like a lot has changed for me this year. And I think I have too. I’ve now got less money, but more responsibility. I am now living out of home with my boyfriend, working, studying, desperately trying to become a budding new entrepreneur and then also trying to fit in friends and social outings in between everything. So in the big scheme of things, social outings are quite low on the priority list these days.

I honestly don’t mind it though. I’ve come to love spending Friday nights at home with my darling boyfriend. We treat ourselves to take out (a once a week luxury), drink together and either watch DVD’s or play board games. Yes, we are complete and utter nerds but I can’t deny how much I enjoy it!

Saturday morning tradition has become big breakfast days. It’s really the only day of the week we get to have breakfast together so we make the most of it by going to a local cafe and treating ourselves, or I’ll cook us up something yummy. Today, it was all me :).

We had coffee and chatted away as usual (mine had soy milk and honey).


Then followed them with more coffee, because why not? ;). I also cooked up some bacon and soft boiled free range eggs on toasted soy and linseed bread! I had half an apple too!


My egg once I cut it open. That yolk was too good for words!


The roller derby team I’m apart of trains on Saturdays, but since training is back in our old hometown over an hour’s drive away, I only go every second weekend now to save on petrol. Today was a training day :). I didn’t have time to eat the apple from breakfast, so I packed it for the car trip down, along with water.


My beloved skates! They’re definitely not the fanciest things in the world. But I learnt to skate in them so they hold a special place in my heart :).



After training, boyfriend and I came home, played Deal or No Deal (not even joking you!) and then I cooked us up a big pot of chilli with lean mince and lots of veggies (sorry no photos as the boyfriend’s phone is terrible at taking photos at night!) and then we watched a movie and now here I am, blogging while the boy sleeps away. Poor thing starts work at 6am tomorrow.

I’m honestly exhausted myself. After too much eating, drinking and not enough sleeping last weekend, I am thankful for such a quiet and uneventful one this week. My body is going to thank me for getting it to bed before 12 all weekend and for taking care of it as I should!

On that note, the clock is almost striking 12 and this little Cinderella is off!

Hope you’re all having lovely weekends!

Ciao for now,

Laura xx

Is the weekend over already?

Good morning lovelies! 😀

*Sigh. Oh Monday, you came so quickly! How was everyone else’s weekends?

I know I gave you my plans for the weekend, but they definitely did not to plan at all! So Friday was supposed to be our “tacos and dvd date night” but it didn’t quite work out that way. I didn’t know that my sister and her little girlies were coming over for dinner. Mum made quite a feast, so we ate that instead. There were so many things to choose from, but I took a little of the “naughty” things and filled up on the “good” things.

I had one pork chop, 3 pieces of the caramelised pork rashers, and lots of the two type of stir fried Asian greens. I also microwaved some instant brown rice to have with it, instead of the jasmine rice. Yumm!

For dessert I had bought the bf a small Sara Lee French vanilla cheesecake(one of his fave desserts) as a little treat for date night. I cut myself the smallest slice and cut up half a small banana to make it a little more filling and more nutritious! You can tell just how little the cake is when next to the banana slices hehe 😉

On Saturday I said I was going to roller derby training. This didn’t happen because my lift got caught up at work so I couldn’t get there. Instead, I did A LOT of cleaning. I’ve been needing to do it all for so long now, so it was good to get the time to! Before I did anyhting though, I thoguht I’d enjoy a little “me time” and had breakfast in bed! Organic skim soy coffee, 2 slices of wholemeal pumpkin seed bread, PB and one banana! (How cute is this tea set by the way? I scored it for $2 at an op shop!)

My list! And yes, I did it all!!

When the bf got home from work (yes, he worked a half day on SATURDAY – poor guy!) I made us the tacos I was supposed to make on Friday.

For the taco meat filling I used: 500g heart smart beef mince, one packet of salt reduced taco seasoning, mushrooms, a garlic clove, half an onion and 2 tbsp of tomato paste (not pictured).

I also made pico de gallo, which is just a spanish salsa. I used: the other half of the onion, few tomatoes (my aunty gave us fresh tomatoes straight from a farm, so they were all different sizes. I used a big one, plus two smaller ones!), few squeezes of lemon and a handful of coriander leaves.

Instead of taco shells, I bought us wholewheat tortillas, and I also got a 3 cheese “Mexican cheese mix”. Seemed fitting for the occasion hehe.

And yes, I did set up a little Mexican feast on my bed haha 😉

That night we went to his friends bbq and also to the local pub. Me and my handsome man just before we left.

My phone died shortly after though, so I didn’t get any more photos 😦

Sunday I decided we were going to the beach. The weather was amazing, I got a little more tanned, the bf got a lovely red sunburn (this is what happens when you fall asleep in the sun without any sunscreen – silly, silly boy!) and while the bf slept, I got in a nice 30min walk along the beach and went exploring :D.

We also had these amazing burgers for lunch at the fish n’ chip shop near the beach. I got the vegetarian Mediterranean burger: roasted eggplant and capsicum, grilled haloumi, rocket, tomato and pesto. It was so good but soooo big. I only hate half, then picked at filling for the other half 😛

My bestie also texted me during the day and asked if I wanted to catch up over a skate. Hells yeah I did! Especially after missing training on Saturday. After the beach, I got home and made myself an easy and protein packed dinner to give me some extra energy for the skate session. It literally just had all this stuff in the fridge that I needed to get rid before they went bad haha. My anything and everything stir fry 😉

It had: celery, carrot, half an onion, clove of garlic, honey soy tofu and king brown mushrooms. This was thrown into a pan with a tbsp. each of low sodium soy sauce, half a tbsp. of oyster sauce and half a tbsp. of teriyaki. I also made a runny egg and some brown rice to go with it! And to finish it off, lots of sriricha chilli sauce! I also made sure to make enough for work today! Love leftovers for lunch! 😀

After that I went for my skate date with the bestie! Was nice to catch up with her, always is! We don’t see each other as much as we should, but when we do I swear it’s like we were never apart! 😀

I felt really good sneaking in some exercise on a Sunday night too (90mins of skating most DEFINITELY qualifies as a work out haha). I think I’ll have to make it a more regular thing!

And that was my weekend! I so wish it went for longer, but alas, here we are again on a Monday. Oh well, new week, new challenges and new experiences I say! Hope you all have a good start to the week, and I’ll see you here tomorrow as always.

Ciao for now! xx